Hi, I'm Amanda. Thank you for stopping by!


I feel so lucky to be entrusted to bring beautiful portraits and memories to my clients year after year. It's an honor to watch families grow and blossom and to capture moments they will display in their homes, cherish for a lifetime and pass down from generation to generation.

My journey as a photographer began with my passion for connecting with people as a singer, actor, and musician. For many years, I was a musical theatre actress, studying vocal performance at NYU. I toured America in a musical for children called Henry and Mudge. I produced and starred in two solo shows, learned guitar, was a professional Christmas Caroler, did a national commercial for Verizon, and studied the Meisner Technique (intense actor training focusing on true emotional life).

When I first picked up a camera in 2012, many people asked me where my photography abilities came from, and I can think of two inspirations. My dad always loved photography. I came across a box of gorgeous photos he had taken in 1972.

The other is my time as a member of a unique arts program at my high school called  STAC  (Student Television Arts Company) created by the legendary Ron DeMaio. In STAC, I studied film (my first lessons in shot composition and thinking outside the box - a skill I use to this day!), art history, video production and editing, dance, drama, voice, and collaborative ensemble.

  I can't wait to meet you and your family and capture your milestones with the emotion of the moment, the light, and composition that truly makes it stunning a work of art.

Fun Facts about me:

I am an amateur baker and bird watcher

I bowled a 233 when I was 10, and played 4 years of Varsity softball

In spring of 2019, I became a TWIN MOM to amazing identical girls!

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