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 I started out as a musical theatre performer. After earning

a degree in music from NYU, training as an actor in the Meisner

Technique, performing in numerous workshops, readings, and

national tours, learning guitar and performing original music, I

bought an old D-SLR camera from a high school friend and started

 offering headshots to my musical theatre friends. 


        Some of my early training in the visual arts started at Herricks

High School, where I was fortunate to be a member of STAC

(Student Television Arts Company) an immersive and unique arts

program created by Ron DeMaio. Because of this experience with

art history, film analysis, shot composition, video production and

editing, and storytelling, I learned to be in tune with the beauty

the world has to offer, especially the beauty of human emotion

and connection. My desire to capture both is what has driven me as a photographer since the moment I picked up a camera. 


       My background has also equipped me with a keen and sensitive intuition, which enables me to be in touch with my clients and their needs during our shoot. I will soothe those nerves so you can feel free, natural and at ease for your photos. You will not only remember how fun and easy your session was, you'll have photographic proof! 


      Thanks for stopping by today. I look forward to capturing the real moments of your special occasions and milestones to create stunning memories that you and your family can cherish for generations to come!

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