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As a child growing up 35 minutes outside Manhattan, my parents recognized my affinity for the arts and always made sure I was enrolled in activities at the community center: stained-glass making, stop-motion animation, pottery, photography, painting, etc.


In high school, I had the unique the opportunity to study visual and fine arts in a program called STAC (Student Television Arts Company) created by the legendary Ron DeMaio. In STAC, I studied film (my first lessons in shot composition and thinking outside the box - a skill I use to this day!), art history, video production and editing, dance, drama, voice, and collaborative ensemble. All the while I was honing my skills as a singer and pursuing a career on Broadway.


After studying musical theatre at NYU, performing in numerous national tours and regional productions, and 3 years studying the Meisner Technique (intense actor training involving focusing on and reacting to your acting partner) I felt compelled buy my first D-SLR camera and create visually. This journey and passion for visual beauty and emotional truth has allowed me to become an adaptable, intuituve, and versatile photographer! Together, we will create beautiful images, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

To get started, send me a message to discuss sessions, packages, and availability.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Thank you! Your message is on the way!

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